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    As an employer you are required to provide your employees with a safe working environment. Work active can help you do this with our Driving and Vehicle Ergonomics Training Program.
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    As an employer, you’re no doubt already aware that you have a duty of care to provide a safe work environment for your employees. However, sometimes employers forget that this duty of care doesn’t just apply within the working environment, but that it extends to any employees who drive a vehicle as part of their job role. 

    At Work Active we offer vehicle ergonomics training that will address all of the health and safety issues that arise from spending hours in the driving seat, to ensure that your employees stay safe and healthy when they’re on the road. 

    Our vehicle ergonomic training will keep your on-the-road staff safe and healthy

    At Work Active, we aim to keep the employees of Australia safe and healthy, and that includes anyone who has to drive as part of their job role. 

    Our team of passionate physiotherapists are also experienced in occupational health and safety, so we’re perfectly placed to deliver a variety of health and safety training, including our unique vehicle ergonomics courses.

    A totally unique vehicle ergonomics course in Australia

    Having vast experience in vehicle ergonomics, we’ve developed a unique vehicle ergonomics course that aims to train your employees on various aspects of working on-the-road. 

    Not only do we carry out a full vehicle ergonomic assessment, but we train your staff how to adjust their car seat and how to adopt and maintain a comfortable driving posture while they’re in the car. 

    And, with so many staff now working as they travel, we go beyond mere driving ergonomics to show your employees how to work in a safe and effective manner in a mobile office environment. 

    What are the benefits of vehicle ergonomics training?

    During our training your employees will learn how to set up their driving position in the most ergonomic way, together with the most safe and effective way to set up and use a mobile office. We’ll also show them a range of stretches and exercises that they can perform both in and outside the car to ensure comfort and to reduce fatigue. 

    By learning these things, we’ve found that on-the-road employees develop an increased awareness of health and safety issues, plus they’re less likely to be involved in a driving related accident or suffer a driving related injury. 

    What’s more, by attending the course and gaining their vehicle ergonomics certificate, your workers will feel as though you really care about providing a safe and healthy environment for them to work in. Plus, of course, you will have gone a long way towards fulfilling your duty of care in this area. 

    Book your staff into our driving ergonomics course now

    Keep your on-the-road staff safe and book a driving ergonomics course from Work Active now. Invest in your staff and their safety and wellbeing and you’ll not only boost morale but you’ll boost productivity too. 

    Simply call us on 0422 369 963 for a quote or send an email to info@work-active.com.au. 

    Work Active is Australia's Leader in determining safe and ergonomic working environments. We specialise in manual handling programs, vehicle ergonomics training, corporate physiotherapy, office ergonomics training, workplace injury prevention and ergonomic workstations.
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    At WORK ACTIVE, we have developed the only training program in the country that trains your on-road staff on how to adjust their car seat and driving posture and how to work safely and effectively in a mobile office environment.

    Why Driver & Vehicle Ergonomic Training Program?

    • Ergonomic driver set-up
    • Setting up and using your mobile office effectively & safely
    • Exercises and stretches for in and out of the car
    • Manual handling for drivers
    • Safety mindset and healthy working

    Benefits of Driving Ergonomic Training Program:

    • Increase driver awareness of health and safety issues.
    • Reduce driving related accidents and injuries.
    • Fulfill your duty of care to provide your employees with training and a safe working environment.
    • Enhance worker perception that the employer cares and build a team environment.
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    The benefits of our Driving & Vehicle Ergonomics Training Programs more than outweigh the costs, so don’t hesitate to call us on 0422 369 963 for a brief chat on how we may tailor a program to suit your needs.

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