Ergonomic Office Furniture

Work Active can provide you with a range of ergonomic office furniture. Having spent considerable time sourcing this equipment we consider the range a practical and functional way to improve your office ergonomics.
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Ensuring that your employees are sitting comfortably and that they have the right equipment for their job is an essential part of your duty of care as an employer. Simple things such as making sure that they’re sitting at an adjustable computer desk with an ergonomic chair to knowing how to adjust their workstation to put them in the correct seated position will make all the difference to their comfort and safety. 

Ergonomically Set Your Workstation

At Work Active, we offer a range of courses that cover everything from manual handling and office ergonomics to staying safe and healthy while using a vehicle as a mobile office. 

Furthermore, in our quest to ensure that all office employees are safe while they work, we’ve sourced a range of quality height adjustable desks together with adjustable chairs that will help you to meet your responsibilities under the duty of care and offer you a practical and functional way to improve the ergonomics of your office. 

Adjustable workstations and chairs from Work Active

Take a look at our selection of ergonomically designed furniture for the modern office and you’ll see that we supply everything to set up the kind of ergonomic workstation that office workers need. 

From the Lawler ergonomic chair, which is the number one choice for your every-day office chair, saddle stools and sit/stand work stools to adjustable footrests and height adjustable computer desks, Melbourne based Work Active offer top quality office furniture. 

Helping you to create a safer working environment with advice on office ergonomics

Whether you buy our ergonomic chairs or our adjustable computer desks Melbourne your business will not only benefit from having comfortable office furniture but from our advice and training too. Every piece of our ergonomically designed office furniture is installed by one of our team and comes with training on the correct way to use the equipment. 

By showing you how to ergonomically set your workstation Melbourne businesses can rest assured that you’ve taken a step further towards your duty of care, and provided your staff with a much more comfortable working environment. 

Get in touch with us now to find out more about our ergonomic office furniture

If you want to know more about how we can improve your office ergonomics, or you’d like to order some of our ergonomic chairs and height adjustable desks Melbourne businesses should contact us now by calling 0422 369 963 or email us at 

It’s a small price to pay for the comfort and safety of your staff, and we’ll even give you a discount should you make bulk orders for our ergonomic office furniture. 

Work Active is Australia's Leader in determining safe and ergonomic working environments. We specialise in manual handling programs, vehicle ergonomics training, corporate physiotherapy, office ergonomics training, workplace injury prevention and ergonomic workstations.
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Lawler Ergononic Chair

The Lawler Ergonomic chair

The Lawler is the standard go-to chair for the every day ergonomic office enviroment. With the Lawler and the larger versions called the Nolan and the Bradman, this chair will work well for almost everyone in your office. Work Active can also help you install and train your staff on the correct way to use the an ergonomic chair to best benifit your buisness.

Basic Unit

Standard colours: $420 Inc. GST

With left handed Mechanism: $500 Inc. GST

Larger Chairs Sizes

Nolan: $530 Inc. GST

Bradman: $560 Inc. GST


Chrome Foot Ring: $30 Inc. GST

Adjustable Arm Rests: $90 Inc. GST

Lawler Ergononic Chair

The Capisco Ergonomic chair

The Capisco is the specialist ergonomic office chair often used in high movement enviroments such as drafting studios and computer labs. With 5 high quality inset coasters and a saddle chair style leg cutaway it reduces preasure in the legs and with the supportive back rest, this may be exactly the chair you have been looking for.

Basic Unit

In Vinyl: Price On Rquest


Lawler Ergononic Chair

Left Handed Saddle Stool

Our saddle stool is specifically designed with controls on the left for your left handed staff. The saddle stool promotes good posture with its unique saddle degin.

Basic Unit

Available in Black PUR only:: $395 Inc. GST


Chrome Foot Ring: $30 Inc. GST

Lawler Ergononic Chair

Height adjustable sit/stand work stool

Our adjustable height work stool is perfect for the latest ergonomic office's - standing desk. Standing desks are great for the health and wellbeing of your employees' but not everyone can stand all day. This stool solves that for you allowing staff to use higher desk environments while still being able to sit comfortably.

Basic Unit

Available in Black PUR only: $395 Inc. GST

Chrome foot ring included.

Adjustable Footrest

Lawler Ergononic Chair

Fundamentals CW2000 (shown below). It has a reversible carpeted footplate and is height adjustable with stacking blocks stored underneath. We use it often as it is very sturdy and will not slip on any floor surface.


Plate size: 460 mm x 310 mm

Height:: Adjustable via spacer blocks.

Colour: Grey with charcoal carpet.


Special Pricing though to June 30th, 2014.$121.00 Inc GST

**10% discount for purchase of 10 – 15 items in one transaction.

**15% discount for purchase of 15+ items in one transaction.

Height Adjustable Desks

Lawler Ergononic Chair

Click on the link to read more about our adjustable height desks


Colour: Comes in Beech or Parchment


Other shapes and sizes available upon requestStarts at $1,500 Plus GST


Note: Pricing on these items is correct at time of publishing but is subjec tto change without notice. Please contact Harold on 0422 369 963 for more information on these products. E&OE.

Office Ergonomics Contact

The benefits of the right ergononic chair alongside our Office Ergonomics programs more than outweigh the costs of the training, so don’t hesitate to call us on 0422 369 963 for a brief chat on how we may tailor a program to suit your needs.


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