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Work Active’s Office Ergonomics training program, is tailored to your work requirements and delivered by a Physiotherapist who is a qualified Occupational Health and Safety workforce trainer.
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Ensuring that your employees are comfortable and safe while they are working is part of an employer’s duty of care. At Work Active, we aim to give you the peace of mind that your staff are sitting comfortably while helping you to address your duty of care requirements by offering our office ergonomics training sessions to Melbourne businesses. 

As one of the leading providers of office ergonomics training Melbourne based Work Active will deliver your office ergonomics course in-situ at your own workplace so that we can tailor it exactly to your own working environment and work requirements. 

Corporate ergonomics training courses

When you choose Work Active to provide your office ergonomics course you can be sure that your training will be delivered by a highly experienced physiotherapist who is experienced in occupational health and safety.

Our straightforward office ergonomics training courses have the potential to alleviate all kinds of issues from work-related injuries to poor office ergonomics, and ensure that you’re taking the necessary steps to make your office a safe place for your employees to work. 

The benefits of our corporate ergonomics course for your business

If you’re wondering whether you’re wise to invest in one of our corporate ergonomic training courses, let’s take a quick look at the benefits. Number one, you’ll ensure that your staff are comfortable and safe while they work.

Two, this will not only reduce time away from the workplace for aches and niggles caused by incorrect posture, but reduce the number of worker’s compensation claims for work related injuries. 

Three, having a safe and comfortable working environment will improve staff productivity, and improve morale and wellbeing. Need we carry on? 

What will our corporate ergonomics training cover? 

Our courses cover everything from explaining what a safety mindset means to assessing and setting up each individual’s work station. We’ll cover the common and best practices in office ergonomics, discuss the basics of anatomy and correct posture, and show your staff some simple stretching and warm-up exercises to perform when they’re at work. 

However, we also go one stage further with our tailormade training package, covering topics such as your organisation’s reporting protocols, and encouraging your staff to adopt a problem-solving approach to office ergonomics. 

We also have the added options of carrying out a comprehensive hazard and risk assessment for your business, and providing a report on any equipment that needs servicing or replacing. So, as you can see, we provide the kind of corporate ergonomics training Melbourne businesses prefer. 

Ensure your staff get the office ergonomics training they need

To ensure that you fulfil your duty of care by providing your employees with office ergonomics training, get in touch with Work Active. 

Call us now on 0422 369 963 or email us at   for further details and a quote for your tailormade corporate ergonomics course. 

Work Active is Australia's Leader in determining safe and ergonomic working environments. We specialise in manual handling programs, vehicle ergonomics training, corporate physiotherapy, office ergonomics training, workplace injury prevention and ergonomic workstations.
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If your Office Staff are struggling with ergonomics, a simple one-hour training program can alleviate the following issues:

  • Poor Office Ergonomics result in staff members being uncomfortable, with a subsequent reduction in productivity.
  • Work-related injuries and workers compensation claims have longreaching effects.
  • You have a personal duty of care to provide a safe workplace.

Why wouldn’t any organisation invest in programs that:

  • Improve staff productivity
  • Reduce time away from the workplace
  • Improve employee morale and wellness


Office Ergonomics Training Program Outline Office Ergonimics Benifits

Assessment, Training & Individual Ergonomic Work Station Set Up.

Training Program:

  • Explains what a Safety Mindset means in your workplace.
  • Individual work station set up.
  • Common and best practice Office Ergonomics.
  • Reporting protocols for your organisation.
  • Warm-up and stretching to suit your employees’ tasks.
  • Problem solving approach to Manual Handling and Office Ergonomics that involves your employees’ input.
  • Anatomy and posture coaching to prevent further injury.
  • Hazard and Risk Assessment.

BenEfits of Office Ergonomics Training

  • Reduced work-related injuries and workers compensation claims.
  • Your workers will learn to adjust their own workstations for their individual needs.
  • You will receive a report on equipment that needs servicing or replacement.
  • Increased awareness of your organisation’s Occupational Health & Safety Policies and Procedures.
  • Fulfill your duty of care to provide your employees with training.
  • Enhance workers’ perception that their employer cares and encourages a team environment.

TIPS ON How to Ergonomically set your Workstation?

  1. Adjust the tilt of your seat so it is parallel to the floor
  2. Adjust the backrest so the largest part is in the small of your back
  3. Tilt the backrest to promote upright sitting (if backrest tilts)
  4. Remove the armrests from your chair, or ensure they are back far enough to allow your chair to get close to your desk
  5. Adjust the height of your seat so that when you sit up straight to type:
    • your shoulders are relaxed
    • your elbows are in line with the home keys on your keyboard and remain close to your body
    • your forearms are parallel to the ground or angled slightly downward
  6. Ensure your feet rest flat on the ground and your thighs are parallel to the ground. If this is not possible, you will need to find an appropriate footrest, adjusted to the correct height
  7. Ensure your keyboard and monitor are located directly in front of you. When typing, centre body between the “G” and “H” keys
  8. Adjust your keyboard height adjustment pegs so they are flat and so that your wrists are straight
  9. Place your mouse next to, at the same height as your keyboard
  10. Ensure your wrists and forearms are not resting on hard surfaces or sharp edges
    • A gel wrist rest and/or mouse pad is an easy and cheap solution
  11. Adjust your monitor so that:
    • the top of the screen is at eye level or slightly below
    • it is about an arms length distance from you
    • it is tilted to enable easy viewing and reduce glare (if glare is a problem, get a glare reducing screen or move your workstation)
  12. Place your document holder so it is next to and at the same height as your monitor.
Office Ergonomics Contact

The benefits of our Office Ergonomics programs more than outweigh the costs of the training, so don’t hesitate to call us on 0422 369 963 for a brief chat on how we may tailor a program to suit your needs.


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