On site / In-HOUSE Corporate Massage

Work active can provide a professional, qualified masseur who attends at your workplace for the treatment of injured workers. All that is required is a room on your premises (e.g. first aid room). Early intervention and communication with key people in your organisation will benefit all involved.

If work-place injuries are an issue in your operation, then you know the risks.

  • The majority of workers compensation claims are a result of poor manual handling and incorrect office ergonomics.
  • Work-related injuries and workers compensation claims have longreaching effects.
  • You have a personal duty of care to provide a safe workplace.

Why wouldn’t any organisation invest in programs that:

  • Add to the bottom line
  • Build staff morale and
  • Take care of employee wellness


Office Ergonomics Training Program Outline
  • Experienced professional attends your facility at agreed times throughout the working week.
  • Treatment carried out on injured workers.
  • Instruction regarding exercise and other aspects of rehabilitation.
  • Early intervention.
  • Emphasis on return to work for those on modified duties or continuing normal duties where possible.
  • Communication with Occupational Health and Safety staff and team leaders.

Office Ergonomics Training Program Outline

BenEfits of Our In-House MASSAGE Services :

  • Monitoring of processes that result in injuries.
  • Reduced time off work attending off-site practitioners.
  • Direct communication with treating practitioners.
  • Reduced workers compensation costs and improved productivity.
Office Ergonomics Contact

The benefits of our In-House Massage services more than outweigh the costs, so don’t hesitate to call us on 0422 369 963 for a brief chat on how we may tailor a program to suit your needs.

In-House Massage