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Work active provides on-site physiotherapy services for the treatment of injured workers. All that is required is a room on your premises (e.g. first aid room). Early intervention and communication with key people in your organisation will benefit all involved....Read More

A good organisation shows concern for the welfare and wellbeing of their employees. Anyone charged with the responsibility of managing EH&S in the workplace understands how workplace issues can prove a real issue in any organisation. The majority of workers compensation claims in Australia come as a result of injuries due to poor manual handling training and incorrect office ergonomics. Workers injuries can have a negative impact on the atmosphere in, and integrity of, the workplace and compensation claims can cause even further damage to staff morale and company reputation. You have a duty to ensure that your workplace is as safe an environment as possible. Therefore, you should not only have a plan in place to prevent workplace injuries, but you should have an effective plan to manage them too.

To ensure swift treatment of workers injuries, there is one provider of corporate physiotherapy Melbourne businesses know that they can turn to – Work Active. We provide on-site physiotherapy services for injured workers in Melbourne and its surrounding areas; all we need is a vacant room on site to work from. We’ve helped several businesses in the wider Melbourne area to swiftly and effectively manage workers injuries.

Engaging experienced physiotherapists to deal with workers injuries can go a long way to showing staff that you care for their well-being. Early intervention with injuries, even what may seem as relatively minor injuries, can be important in preventing more serious problems down the line. It can also help to prevent workers injuries from transforming into hefty workers compensation claims.

Corporate physiotherapy programs and manual handling training ensure more efficient monitoring of processes that result in injuries. They’re proven to reduce time off work for employees to attend off site practitioners, reduce workers compensation costs and increase productivity. Our programs are conducted in a simple but effective manner. An experienced professional attends your facility at agreed times and appropriate treatment is carried out on injured workers with instructions provided regarding exercises and rehabilitation. We put an emphasis on aiding a swift return to work on modified duties or continuing normal duties where possible for injured workers. We ensure full communication with Occupational Health and Safety staff and team leaders.

The benefits that our corporate physiotherapy in Melbourne can offer your business far outweigh the costs. We can work with your organisation to improve the level of employee wellness in the company. If your business is struggling with workplace injuries, the threat of employee compensation claims or absenteeism due to injury and/or reduced productivity, it’s time to consider a fresh look at your EH&S operations. Adding the resources of an on site physiotherapist can go a long way to streamlining EH&S operations. For tailored, corporate physiotherapy programs for your business or organisation, talk to the experienced team at Work Active today....Hide Content

If work-place injuries are an issue in your operation, then you know the risks.

  • The majority of workers compensation claims are a result of poor manual handling and incorrect office ergonomics.
  • Work-related injuries and workers compensation claims have longreaching effects.
  • You have a personal duty of care to provide a safe workplace.

Why wouldn’t any organisation invest in programs that:

Office Ergonomics Training Program Outline Office Ergonomics Training Program Outline
  • Reduce LTIs
  • Keep staff on their normal duties
  • Improve the level of employee wellness


  • Experienced professional attends your facility at agreed times throughout the working week.
  • Treatment carried out on injured workers.
  • Instruction regarding exercise and other aspects of rehabilitation.
  • Early intervention.
  • Emphasis on return to work for those on modified duties or continuing normal duties where possible.
  • Communication with Occupational Health and Safety staff and team leaders.

BenEfits of Our In-House Physiotherapy Services :

  • Monitoring of processes that result in injuries.
  • Reduced time off work attending off-site practitioners.
  • Direct communication with treating practitioners.
  • Reduced workers compensation costs and improved productivity.

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The benefits of our In-House Physiotherapy services more than outweigh the costs, so don’t hesitate to call us on 0422 369 963 for a brief chat on how we may tailor a program to suit your needs.

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