About Work Active

THE WORK ACTIVE GOAL is to encourage all employers and workers to be PRO-ACTIVE, not RE-ACTIVE, when it comes to preventing work-related injuries.

We aim to educate employers and workers in best practice ergonomics through practical, hands on training sessions.

Sessions are held at your venue to provide real life demonstrations and assist in workshopping challenging tasks.

Ergonomic set up for administrative staff assists in reducing poor work posture, improved productivity and reduced posture related injuries.

SOP (Safe Operating Procedures) reduce the frequency of injuries at work.

On site Physiotherapy and Massage sessions allow staff to have their injuries, or aches and pains, treated on site. This allows staff members to have their treatment with minimal interruption to their working day.

Workplace assessments assist in isolating those aspects of your workplace that might become, or already are, hazardous. From there a matrix is provided to guide you through prioritising improvements to your workplace.

Ergonomic furniture has been sourced from a variety of manufacturers. Improved ergonomic furniture reduces the risk of injury and improves productivity in your workplace.

All of our services are delivered by qualified and experienced Physiotherapists, supported by associated professionals as required, Work Active delivers programs that build knowledge and skills for a safe and healthy workforce.

Work Active Safety Services