Training Videos

Our qualified Physiotherapists will work with you to design and produce training videos for your workplace. Our product will include specific material for your workplace. Examples include manual handling, office ergonomics and SOPs.

Workplace Training Video 1
Workplace Training Video 2

If work-place injuries are a risk in your operation, then you know the risks.

  • Many workers’ compensation claims are a result of poor manual handling and office ergonomics.
  • Work-related injuries and workers’ compensation claims have long reaching effects.
  • You have a personal duty of care to provide a safe workplace.

How can this be achieved?

By engaging Work Active’s services, including our:

  • Training video/s

Early intervention and communication with key people in your organisation.

Program Outline

  • Experienced professional attends your facility at agreed times throughout the working week.
  • Review manual handling and office ergonomics related hazards.
  • Work with your key people to design a specific, relevant training video.
  • Early intervention.
  • Communication with Occupational Health and Safety staff and team leaders.


Supported by associated professionals as required, Work Active designs and produces training videos that builds knowledge and skills for a safe and healthy workforce.

  • Monitoring of processes that result in injuries.
  • Reduced time off work due to work related injuries.
  • Reduced workers’ compensation costs and improved productivity.
Workactive Video Shots