Ergonomic Furniture

Work Active can provide you with a range of ergonomic furniture.

Having spent considerable time sourcing this equipment, we consider the range a practical and functional way to improve your office ergonomics.

Products we sell

Following several requests from our clients over the years, we have sourced a range of ergonomic equipment that is both affordable and beneficial for your home or office work site.

Benefits on ergonomic office furniture

Features can be adjusted

  • One size does not fit all

Comfort and increased productivity in the workplace

  • The more comfortable your staff are the more productive they are.
  • Decreased time off work with aches and pains.
  • Less time away from their workstation stretching and moving

Preventing blood circulation problems

  • Soft, contoured seats prevent pressure on the blood vessels at the back of the thigh and knee

Preventing lower back problems

  • Proper lumbar support contours and supports the back
  • Stools with forward tilting seats allow the user to have their hips less flexed (bent) and as a result there is less pressure on the spine

Swivel and wheel mechanism

  • It is better to have a seat that swivels and is mobile than to place your back in a compromised position twisting and bending

Giving an air of professionalism in the workplace

  • We all perform better when we have appropriate equipment
  • Enhance both your customer and employee’s perception that you care about their health and safety